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Dr Ralph Abraham


Dr Ralph Abraham


Dr Ralph Abraham has a lifetime of clinical experience and has treated patients all over the globe.

About Ralph

An experienced physician with a reputation established over 40 years in the private sector in the fields of obesity, diabetes, endocrinology, lipids and heart disease prevention. Sees patients from all over the world and often as a tertiary referral in the fields of advanced or brittle diabetes and heart attack and stroke prevention.

Experienced in the management of insulin management with pumps and sensors, I contribute, together with a first-class supportive team of diabetes educators and dietitians, to the excellent service at London Medical for both adult and paediatric Type 1 diabetes. I am cognisant of guidelines but am modern in my approach, putting my patient’s health needs first and including them always in decisions about their treatment. I achieve excellent results and patient satisfaction with the emphasis on education and support.  Our Diabetes Care Plans make outstanding comprehensive diabetes management affordable.   In Type 2 diabetes, the emphasis is on weight management, tight glucose control with attention to blood pressure and LDL suppression, using modern ways of assessing risk biochemically (with LDL and small LDL particle numbers) and with imaging (carotid intima-media thickness and coronary calcium scoring).    Working at London Medical allows me access to immediately available expertise for eyes, feet, cardiology, arteries, nutrition, and podiatry – all in one clinic.

I also see patients with familial hyperlipidaemia and lipid disorders, using advanced NMR measurements of lipoprotein particle numbers and carotid intima-media thickness measurements to help assess risk and treat according to global risk of a cardiovascular event.   All risk factors, including smoking, hypertension and diabetes are optimised individually for each patient.

I advise industry and colleagues on the best standards of care and lecture on new treatments in diabetes.   I am an enthusiastic champion for the needs of people with diabetes.


Dr Abraham specialises in all aspects of diabetes, but particularly in the use of pumps and sensors. In addition, he’s highly skilled in all lipid disorders, the prevention of heart attack or stroke, and a host of fields within endocrinology.

NHS and Academic Posts

Full-time private practice at London Medical.

Additional information

Dr Abraham speaks English, French, and Italian.

+44 (0)800 0483 330

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